Story time! 
I've been cosplaying for a really, really long time... like I won't even tell you how many years because then I seem really old. For the longest time I've watched the cosplay community grow and change in good and bad ways, it's become more mainstream but its lost some of the pure, unadulterated joy and acceptance it once had, at least it has to me. Perhaps I'm old and jaded or I've seen "too much" of the behind the curtain jealousy and selfish attitudes that focus so heavily on belittlement of peers and getting "internet famous" at the cost of bleeding others dry (figuratively, of course). I'm sure, in my own self consciousness and fragility, I've been a part of it myself.

However, that is exactly the reason why I wanted to start something new with the intent of spreading positivity back into the community in my own way. This show focuses on the hard work, dedication and love that cosplayers put into their costumes. I am by no means the only one qualified to judge but I am not here to judge, I'm simply here to give shoutouts to who I admire in a craftsmanship capacity and share what I love with you!

What this all comes down to is I just want to be the change I want to see in the world, even if that world is as niche as cosplay. 

So without further adieu, here is my first attempt at Cosplay Spotlight ft Vanessa Wedge and The Starktorialist as Lulu from Final Fantasy X and Morrigan from Dragon Age: Inquistion!

Remember, the competition is within!