Hey everyone!
I wanted to take a minute and let you know about a really great sponsorship I received recently!

Cosplaysky.ca is a brand new sponsor of Tali xoxo and soon I'll be sporting a sweet new Satsuki Kiryun cosplay courtesy of them. I've been wanted to cosplay Satsuki for a while, in her untransformed Junketsu version, but never had the time to put it together.

Thanks to cosplaysky.ca, I'll be wearing her May and likely to Anime Expo! The costume fits fairly well, but I will be making a simple alteration to the waist since I'm so tiny. I want it to look perfect though!

Cosplaysky and I wanted to extend this sponsorship to you guys and offer a coupon for a new costume on their website! Just use this coupon code at checkout and receive 10% off your purchase (some conditions apply). Even if you're not in the market yourself I hope you can pass this along to anyone else that you might know is looking for a quick, well made costume! Once I have a PO Box, even feel free to send something my way! Hahaha

I'm really looking forward to cosplaying my queen, Satsuki <3 Thank you again cosplaysky.ca!