Hey! Hope you enjoyed my last workout post last week! 
This will be my 6th consecutive week of killing it at the gym! My body does ache (I'm currently suffering from a weird kink in my neck) so I think I might need to add some yoga back into the mix but otherwise I'm doing great! I've shed a bunch of fat off my core, my legs are noticeably more toned, and my arms are definitely stronger. 

So people have been asking about what I'm doing outside the gym to supplement all the working out and as much as I'd love to tell you I'm a raw vegan keto powerhouse I am not. I still eat junk like burgers and ice cream with my friends and I don't really restrict my dinners too much because they're my main calorie source and I don't actually eat a lot to begin with. So I'm not going to talk about those too much.  

What I WILL talk about is my breakfast and lunches! This is where I've made the real progress! 
First off, I've switched my breakfasts from carb heavy oatmeals to green protein smoothies. This has made a world of difference for me so here's a look at what a typical smoothie looks like for me:  

It's pretty simple! This particular (and pretty much everyday) smoothie is made of 2 leaves of kale, cucumber, almond milk, a small handful of pineapple, a tablespoon of chia seeds and a scoop of protein powder (I believe this is a whey type but you can sub in rice protein if you're vegan).  That's it! This keeps me going through my workout and sometimes longer. Protein helps to sustain and keeps hunger away pretty well. I never ever work out on an empty stomach so this is what I find works for me. I think I'll eventually fiddle with my recipe to get a bit more variations going but this is cheap and easy and I like it. 

For lunch? I'm generally also pretty low cal as well. Once I get home from the gym I'll have a giant bowl of vegetable/lentil/bean soup or a premade meal prep meal like so: 



 Obviously, this is the tray of an entire weeks worth of lunches! So just imagine a little bit from each plus some white bean sauce and that keeps me going through the rest of my day til dinner. Then after that I'm done for the night, I try to stop eating at least 4 hours before I go to sleep. 

Like I said earlier, this is just what's been working for me! I'm not about depriving myself so I'll still eat junk with my friends, have a dessert if it is given to me, or sneak a few chocolates when I can't help myself but remember, I'm also working out hard 5 days a week! 

Now since it's a Thursday, I have some cardio to get to! 

<3 Always