I FINALLY finished my new long running project, 2B from Nier:Automata! This was a really nice project to get me back in the spirit of cosplay and sewing, the design is so beautiful and Nier has a really special place in my heart. 

I wanted to really do this costume to the best of my ability, and with only a couple setbacks I think I did alright! Of course, I wish I could have embroidered the silver design into the skirt I had to settle for fabric paint. I think it looks pretty good though! I'd still like to buy a better prop weapon for it but until then this will work.

Check out the preview gallery here, real photoshoots to come soon! 

The full preview gallery, including the "self-destructed" bodysuit version of 2B is available for members of talixoxo.com! Become a member today to see! Full photoshoots to come soon but only members will be able to see the full bodysuit galleries!