So after a little over a year and a half of having the members section attached to my site and trying out an alternative method, I'm finally going to take the leap and give Patreon a try. 

I'm sure you're wondering why, the members section didn't have anything inherently wrong with it and I've voiced my concerns for Patreon in the past (don't worry, I haven't forgotten) but with the dwindling time I have this is more of a move to give myself as much efficiency as I possibly can right now. Wrestling school has taken over my life and while I'm still working on new costumes the gumroad method I had set up was just too involved for me to effectively take care of. 

This way I get to focus on making new stuff and sharing it rather than all the backend work that goes into sharing it. 

It's brand new, so I haven't added anything yet but I'm looking forward to filling this page with a ton of photos, videos, tutorials, and PDFs. I've also included a few different tiers for varying levels of support (Yes, even $1 makes a difference). So head over, let me know what you think, sign up if you're awesome (or don't and remain also awesome).  Updates will begin this weekend, a few reuploads will be happening of the most recent members content (including Bison Cammy), and we'll be on our way!

Head over to my new Patreon page now!