Metal Gear Solid V Quiet Cosplay
Costume created and modeled by Tali xoxo
by Victor Rodriguez Photography, Shot.Fox Photography, and BigWhiteBazooka

While I didn't have to spend a lot of time sewing or crafting this costume, I literally only made the bikini and glove, it did take some time to piece it together. 
I bought almost all pieces online over Amazon which you can find below, make sure your buying everything in "Olive Drab" so it matches/is accurate to Quiet: 

  • Military Suspenders
  • Tactical Belt
  • Back Pouch (I found this particularly great for cons since it's accurate to her design but a discreet way to carry all your money, your badge, and phone without a purse)
  • Knife Holster
  • Thigh Holster
  • Boots (these were the closest combat boots I could find to her design. I kept them as is but you could easily add some more detail with leather paint)
  • Wig (requires light styling and cutting but color is great for Quiet)

That was the bulk of my costume, the nylons I bought from CVS and tore them with a knife and the bikini I made with a lightweight leatherlook vinyl. The stun grenades I made using some redbull cans I covered and built on top of with printed labels, however I wouldn't suggest it since they turned out too large. I would suggest using only foam and print labels. 
The makeup was probably the only part that took a lot of trial and error-- I created the look using eyeliner for the outline and filled with creme base face paint for the darkest areas and faded it out with black/brown eyeshadow. It has a watercolor consistency to it so don't get to heavy handed while applying, darken it with layers and don't forget your eyebrow/mascara to finish off the look.

Costume sponsored by Matt Andre