Final Fantasy X Rikku Cosplay by Tali XOXO

Rikku was my favorite character from FFX, but I never felt like I had the skills necessary or the reason to make the outfit until recently. The costume ended up being a breeze to make but I wanted to pay attention to all of the little details in her outfit, and there are alot of them.
I wanted to make sure the materials made sense with her character, so I tried to stick mostly to natural fabrics that would withstand desert conditions. The only part of this costume I found to be a little challenging was the wig, it’s not my forte but I did the best I could and I think it came out pretty well!
Rikku is so fun and comfortable to wear, I’m really hoping to wear her again in the future.

The lovely Becka Bee and Vanessa Wedge also joined me for this special shoot with Glen Co Photography as Yuna and Lulu respectively.