Street Fighter Alpha Cammy Cosplay

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Killer Bee Cammy Cosplay by Tali XOXO

Photography by Victor Rodriguez

Cammy is one of those characters to me that I’ll never outgrow. I’ve been cosplaying her for years now and I’m continuing to try to improve on it as I go. Unfortunately, my prop and armor skills are still pretty low and the gloves could have been much better but they’re still an improvement on the old ones.

The bodysuit is made from a tight rib-knit fabric which I custom dyed electric blue. This costume is several years old but still holds up quite well as I refit it to my body each time. Since I’ve picked up lifting the suit needed some major refitting for Anime Expo.

The gloves I made from pink Styrofoam, craft foam, and a little bit of Worbla. Given more time and resources I probably would have preferred to do the entire glove out of worbla.

For the tights, all I had to do was pick up some light blue fabric paint and paint it to my legs in lightning bolts.
The toughest part of this costume is probably just the physical training needed to get into shape for Cammy!

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