Overwatch Tracer Cosplay

Tali XOXO as Tracer from Overwatch:

My first big EVA foam project, this Tracer cosplay took almost 2.5 months to make. Not due to the difficulty but to my withering interest in the project. Halfway through I realized I wanted to be Genji instead so look forward to that coming soon. However, I am quite proud of this costume, the leggings were fun to make, I enjoyed working foam and I definitely tested not just my patience but leveled up my crafting as well.

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Get a Poster of Tali XOXO as Tracer from Overwatch:

Tracer Overwatch Poster
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Tracer from Overwatch by Tali xoxo 

Photography by Dapper Geek Photography

Available as an 11x17 poster printed on high quality matte paper. Signed and sent safely to you in a poster tube. All T-Shirt orders will be sent separately. 

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